Craft Beef
Craft Beef
A Revolution of Small Farms and Big Flavors

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What if you could have your steak and eat it, too? Craft Beef explains why you win by choosing small-scale, grass-fed beef.. You’ll never look at USDA Prime the same way again.
— Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

About Craft Beef

Why do we know more about the origin and flavor of the coffee beans in our cup of morning brew than about the steak on our dinner table? Why do we delight in the differences between a Zinfandel and a Cabernet, but not even know that breeds like Belted Galloway or Murray Grey exist?  For too long, beef in America has been relegated to commodity status. But a craft beef revolution is underway across America, and it’s delivering better steak. Follow Ethan Lowry, Joe Heitzeberg, and Caroline Saunders as they meet the farmers, butchers, and chefs making the craft beef revolution possible, and along the way, learn how to become a craft beef connoisseur yourself.

Craft Beef is an uplifting, delicious look at how America’s favorite food is changing for the better.
— Patrick Vlaskovits, NYT bestselling author of Hustle

The authors

Longtime friends Joe Heitzeberg and Ethan Lowry have always loved a really, really good steak. But it took a mutual friend bragging about the sheer deliciousness of the beef he had purchased directly from a farmer (and was housing in a chest freezer) to spark a crazy idea: What if they could crowdfund a cow, together with 40 or 50 other “steak holders,” and bring the experience online? Before they knew it, they had co-founded a startup called Crowd Cow and discovered a rich, varied world of breeds, producers, and cuisines that can be best described as “craft beef.” Chief writer Caroline Saunders joined them soon after, and together they’ve been tasting their way through the craft beef revolution ever since.

Craft Beef does a great job of shining the spotlight on the hard-working family farms that are fighting for a better, more sustainable way of producing beef.
— Joe Montana, NFL Hall of Fame